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Non-Resident Loan


For those who are providing cross-border financing to borrowers in Lviv

This Package Includes

  • one hour consultation
  • bilingual loan agreement
  • NBU notification

We represent foreign and domestic lenders (banks and other financial institutions) as well as local corporate borrowers in a rage of financing transactions, such as construction financing, acquisition financing, project financing, export and import financing, etc.

Examples of our services:

  • structuring of financing transactions, restructuring arrangements;
  • drafting and negotiating term sheets;
  • conducting limited due diligence of a borrower, third party security providers and proposed collateral for purposes of financing transactions (corporate and assets checks, board resolutions, etc.);
  • advising clients regarding Ukrainian law currency control requirements, as well as local execution, perfection and enforcement requirements with respect to financing and security documents;
  • drafting and negotiating Ukrainian law governed loan documentation; reviewing and providing comments to foreign law documents;
  • organizing signings, including notarizations;
  • assisting clients with closing of transactions, including collection of conditions precedent;
  • assisting borrowers with registration of cross-border loan agreements with the National Bank of Ukraine;
  • perfecting security (registering encumbrances) on clients’ behalf in Ukraine;
  • issuing Ukrainian law legal opinions with respect to financing transactions.